Friday, 14 August 2015

Proposed Door Panel

Thank you to everyone who responded to yesterday's blogpost.  The consensus was definitely in favour of the right-hand image.  Even so I took comments on board, and even the right-hand image was tweaked.  I decided to make the Swallows and text black, and put "birding" at the top of the Barn Owl image.  Here's how the proposed car door panel would look.  This would be set against the chocolate brown colour of the car.  Any suggestions before Monday morning much appreciated

Here's the first design from earlier this week.  I think you'll agree that the above image is far stronger than that below! 
The classes resume on 23rd of September.  The Tuesday and Wednesday mornings are full, but there are plenty of vacancies on Wednesday and Friday afternoons, and Friday mornings.  There may be single vacancies on some of the other sessions.  Don't miss out, please book now, so you don't miss the session which would suit you most.  More course info top right-hand corner of this blog.

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neil said...

will look really good against brown background... change of car presumably , from current blue 'un