Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Play Misty For Me

Yesterday the mist came and went, and the birds came and went too.  For long periods there wasn't too much to see, and then at other moments we were rewarded with pure jewels.  Is the below photo of Bearded Tits just too colourful?  The Cetti's Warbler gave its explosively loud song just next to us, but only Bridget got a glimpse of the bird with its tail cocked like a Wren.
Bearded Tits
Female Bearded Tit (c) 2014 Maggie Bruce
 Male Bearded Tit (c) 2014 Maggie Bruce 
 Male Bearded Tit (c) 2014 MJF
 Male Goldcrest (c) 2014 Maggie Bruce
 Cormorants in the Mist (c) 2014 Maggie Bruce
 Cormorant out of the Mist (c) 2014 Maggie Bruce
 Female Goldeneye (c) 2014 Maggie Bruce
 Great Spotted Woodpecker (c) 2014 Maggie Bruce
After the rest of us had departed Maggie stayed behind and was rewarded with good views of a hunting Marsh Harrier. 
Marsh Harrier (c) 2014 Maggie Bruce
 Marsh Harrier
 Common Darter (c) 2014 Maggie Bruce

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