Thursday, 25 October 2012

Once Upon a Time...

On Wednesday we were just a few miles south of Tuesday's location. The visibility was better than yesterday, but a lot worse than our last visit to this site on Thursday. This time there was a prat noisily needle-blowing in the car park, so there was no sign of the Nuthatch there.  Later, we came across him again leaf blowing in the main park area, where most of the trees have yet to shed their leaves.  If there's a more useless (& noisy) activity, we've yet to discover it.

Fly Agaric (c) 2012 Aileen Urquhart
 Fly Agaric
However, when we reached the Treecreeper camera box we heard a Nuthatch and looking up there it was on the topmost dead branches of an Oak. A Treecreeper was also working its way up the same tree. We waited for Ian to finish filling up the feeders at the feeding station, but not long after he'd gone at least 2 Nuthatches came down! But it was way too gloomy for photos. Last week's Fly Agarics were past their best, but there was plenty of other fungi about & the next section became something of a fungal foray. The Stinkhorn had grown to its full extent since Thursday, whist last weeks' had decayed into almost nothing.
 Phallus impudicus (c) 2012 Aileen Urquhart
 3 Sombreros (c) 2012 Aileen Urquhart
 Fairies' Bonnets
 Birch Polypore
 Honey or Bootlace Fungus
 Not Sulphur Tuft

Unlike last week we heard flying Green Woodpeckers on a couple of occasions, but we couldn't see them. The best birds in the locked section were 3 Lesser Redpolls, which came quite close, although the light wasn't brilliant. We had slightly better views of a Jay in the afternoon, but the session was really a fungal foray with a few birds thrown in!
Miles regaled the am group with the 'true' story behind the origins of Father Christmas - it involved a Finnish tribe, Fly Agarics, hallucinations and Reindeer.  I then tried to pass this on to the pm session - there seemed to be a lot of raised eyebrows & sceptical glances!

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