Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Same, But Different

On Thursday we went to Tophill Low again because of a poor forecast; but because of the fruitless vigil for the Kingfisher yesterday we went south instead.  We could just make out 4 Avocet chicks on South Marsh East, and there were a few Common Tern chicks on South Marsh West and on Watton Borrow Pits.  Also on WBP was a Peregrine & when we were walking round O Reservoir Phil heard a squawking Common Tern looked up & there was the Peregrine heading North with the Tern seeing it off.  Only a few minutes after this 3 Crossbills flew along the edge of O Woods heading east.

Peregrine (c) 2012 Richard Whateley
 Peregrine (c) 2012 Richard Whateley
 Avocet (c) 2012 Richard Whateley
 Bee Orchid
 Burnet Companion (Thanks to David M Turner)

The wild flowers alongside O Reservoir were particularly lush, and there were plenty of orchids: Common Spotted & several spikes of Bee Orchids.  In the afternoon after the thunderstorms we caught sight of what was probably a female Black-tailed Skimmer, but there were precious few other insects about apart from a Meadow Brown & a Ringlet in the morning.  
The blood-curdling noises heard in North Lagoon were made by Marsh Frogs which seem to have taken over large areas of the reserve.  Phil was the first to spot the snout sticking up above water, and he was able to ensure everyone got to see it.  Both groups had views of Grass Snakes, but the longest was one seen in the afternoon near East Pond.  This was a first for Carol.  
At Watton Borrow Pits 2 Lesser Whitethroats were heard, so were probably about to embark on second broods.  In the afternoon Liz spotted an adult heron here, whilst the peeping of a Kingfisher could be heard as it passed by on the dyke below us, but was screened by the rampant vegetation.  However, the last occasion coincided with a passing Sparrowhawk, and this time the Kingfisher flew a little higher allowing itself to be glimpsed.   


Anonymous said...

Excellent pics again :-) I think the moth is a Burnet Companion by the way, though it is quite a dark one.

Michael Flowers said...

Thanks David. I was reminded of a Mother Shipton at the time, but realised it wasn't quite the right markings. On checking my book I see your moth is right next to Mother Shipton & I'm sure you are right.