Monday, 14 May 2012

Heron Brood Grows Daily

When the local Heron chicks first hatched it was thought that there were only 2.  However, only a few days later at least 3 chicks could be discerned in the nest.  Several days later and with a remote camera in place there were obviously 4 chicks in the nest.  As far as it is know there have never been breeding Herons in this particular area, and Herons are known to usually breed in colonies called Heronries.  This could just be the beginning - maybe next year there will be several Herons attempting to nest.

All pics (c) 2012 Chris Cox

Count the Beaks on this pic from today - 4
 The original view on 3rd of May - only 2 shapes can definitely be made out
 Then there were 3 on 12th of May
 In another of today's pics you can count 4 beaks
 Another picture from today
 Again from Today
 A Reminder of what an Adult Looks Like

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