Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Stacking Supermarket Shelves

Yesterday, we walked the full length of Flamborough Head and the supermarket shelves are just starting to fill up. There were no Puffins on their shelves & only single Guillemots & Razorbills. There were more impressive numbers of Gannets around and plenty of Fulmars, and occasional sightings of Shags flying low over the water.

The amazing aerial pyrotechnics of a raptor species gave the most memorable sightings of the day, as an angry male tried to rid the cliffs of a rogue female. He 'shouted' at her, then plunged vertically down hundreds of feet, before indulging in all sorts of other amazing activities.

The day remained stubbornly overcast, which was the least rewarding aspect of our visit./

Gannet (c) 2012 Vince Cowell
Raptor (c) 2012 Vince Cowell
Fulmar (c) 2012 Vince Cowell
Herring Gulls
Great Black Backed Gull

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