Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Operation Bullfinch

A London wildlife photographer was bemoaning the lack of suitable urban subjects, so I felt inspired to see if our local Bullfinch colony was still present. During an hour's vigil eventually at least 4 male Bullfinches were seen at the same time, plus 3 females. Also present were some bold Coal Tits, and then the usual suspects. A single Greenfinch was a new bird after several years absence. There were also several Chaffinches, but the Goldfinches weren't as bold as the species depicted in the photos, and remained out of camera range. At no time were any Marsh Tits either seen or heard in what used to be one of the few local sites where they could be guaranteed. This absence may be the result of last winter's weather or could be symptomatic of a more general decline.

A Clash of Bright Colours
Best Male Bullfinch in a Natural Setting
Female Bullfinch
Coal Tit
Coat Tit (almost Crested)
Great Tit (Washed Out)
Robin - made drab by the Bullfinches

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