Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Bloody Snack on the Beach

After yesterday's exciting species, today had to be an anti-climax. The best sighting was a young Kestrel observed hovering in the car park at lunch time. It then went along the cliff edge & pounced & dragged its catch to the beach where it calmly devoured it as we looked on.

In the pictures the voles features seem to be frozen in a deathly grin. less than 5 minutes later the Kestrel had removed all the innards from the vole & the meal was over.

The walk today was rather tough in the considerable winds. There was a large movement of Skylarks this morning with a flock of 22 heading south over the sea, and smaller flocks moving through virtually all morning. I don';t think there was a single sighting of a Skylark in the afternoon!

Waders seen on the beach included: Grey Plover, Sanderling, Ringed Plover, Oystercatcher & Dunlin. In all the am group encountered 24 species - this is nearly 20 fewer than some other venues this term. We won't be hurrying back to this venue.
Trick of the Light? Vole appears to be 'smiling'

Too gory?
The medicine goes down
Grey Plover
Grey Plover (c) 2011 Tony Robinson
Grey Plover - showing black 'wing-pits'
Grey Plover
Glossy Ibis (c) 2011 Tony Robinson
Redwing - located by Aileen
Cormorant [immature]
Grey Partridge

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