Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Silent Spring

Ladybirds (c) 2011 Aileen Urquhart
Fungi (c) 2011 Aileen Urquhart
Woodpigeon (c) 2011 Aileen Urquhart Buck Roe Deer
Kestrel [male]
Long-tailed Tit (c) 2011 Aileen Urquhart
Dog's Mercury
Long-eared Owl (c) 2011 Tony Robinson
At times on Wednesday it appeared as if all the songbirds had been wiped out. Seeds had been put down in the area where the Feeding Station used to be, but 3 hours later the seed appeared to be still untouched. The severity of the winter seems to have had an amazing effect at this higher altitude. The pm group eventually saw a Marsh Tit, 2 Buzzards, 2 Treecreepers, 3 Bullfinches & a Goldcrest, but overall the sightings were down on both quality & quantity. The am group saw 25 species, which is the lowest figure for quite sometime. This venue is getting struck off the visiting list until at last May 2012. Some of the am group went on to Blacktoft Sands, where they were rewarded with their first ever sightings of Long-eared Owls!

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