Thursday, 13 January 2011

Death & Destruction

Polly's Juvenile Willow Warbler found in her garage
Female Bullfinch
Record shot of Pintail
Record shot of Pintail
Male Siskin
Part of the chase
Closing in
Rabbit getting away?
Going for the Kill
Only 5 more minutes of this to go
Holding On
Rook Getting Involved?
Keeping an Eye on each Other
Checking on the Human Audience
The face of a Killer!
Sometimes pictures speak more eloquently than words!


Stuck in a Rutt said...

Grim! Astounding sight though, a murderous mustelid getting what it wants. The students were lucky to witness that.

Michael Flowers said...

Yeah, you should have heard all the "oohs" & "arrhs" from the assembled multitude!

Anonymous said...

The rabbit has myxomatosis - you can see the eyes are swollen.

Michael Flowers said...

Yes, I wondered if anyone would notice! Although the rabbit had a lingering death lasting over 5 minutes, it wasn't as long as it would have been if the Stoat hadn't intervened!