Friday, 16 July 2010

Spurn High Tides

All photos (c) 2010 Vince Cowell [named] or (c) 2010 Michael Flowers
Ringed Plover
Sandwich Tern [centre]
Left click on pic for larger image
Bar-tailed Godwit [centre]
Little Grebe [juvenile]
Common Seals
Small Copper
Brown-tail Moth - caterpillars cause all that bother
Black-headed Gull [juvenile]
This can be a good time of year for getting close views of really colourful waders at Spurn's early morning high tides. The secret is to get yourself a tide table book, or check on the internet and look for especially high tides of more than 6.5 metres, which coincide with a time between 6.30 & 9.30. The sun is behind you at this time, so lights up the waders much better than would be the case in the afternoon. Unfortunately, this week we've been hampered by overcast mornings followed by 2 almost gale force mornings. There are plenty of Knot with remnants of their red breeding plumage, but these remained distant at Chalk Bank, and didn't come close to either the hide or the road. There were several hundred Dunlin here, plus Ringed Plover, a few Bar-tailed Godwit, a Grey Plover, but more Redshank and Curlew. Only Dunlin, Turnstone, and Redshank fed along the shoreline in front of one of the hides when I was there, but Swallows also tried to enter - indicating that there probably was a nest inside. In the 2 mornings I was present quite a few Sandwich Terns flew past, plus a couple of Little Terns, and a single Common Tern. The really colourful waders will probably begun to appear at close quarters in the next few weeks.

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