Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Only 36+ Species

Great Spotted Woodpecker
Tree Sparrow Chaffinch
It was quite a misty start today, so the birds were hard to see at first. However, we did have a Barn Owl in South Scrub, and a Kingfisher flew off into the gloom when the flaps of one hide were opened. Through the mist Tony some how managed to spot a Redhead Smew, which the afternoon group failed to relocate, even though the visibility had improved considerably. However, we could manage to make out the silhouette of 2 female Goosanders at the far side of the reservoir. A Treecreeper sang to us, as we tried to discern the sawbills, and later gave good views. We saw 2 Herons in the morning and a Lapwing, whilst the afternoon group had 5 Redshanks. We did quite well with Bullfinches; 2 along O reservoir munching on Larch buds; another 2 at North Lagoon, which may have been the same 2, which turned up later behind the visitor centre. Susan from the Weds group heard another one in D Woods, when she stayed behind for the afternoon. Despite the 36+ species seen today, it was a bit of an anti-climax after last week's more spectacular afternoon birds.

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