Thursday, 13 August 2009

YWT Reserve Fen Bog - Insects Galore

Dark Green Fritillary
Longhorn Beetle
Red-legged Shield Bug
Small Copper
Painted Lady
Green-Veined White
One for the trainspotters!
The Whinchats and Curlews appeared to have cleared off, but the Redpolls, Willow Warblers and a raptor were still around. In contrast to the paucity of birds, there was an abundance of insect life. Almost as soon as I left the car there were several Dark Green Fritillaries among the Painted Ladies - I've never been lucky enough to see these particular Fritillaries before. It was just a shame that they were so faded, as they near the end of their flying life this year. In addition to the species photographed there were some vivid pale blue dragonflies, which wouldn't settle long enough for a photo. At one time 3 males were fighting over a female. They appeared similar to Black-tailed Skimmers, but seemed to be a little smaller and couldn't discern any black on their tails - they must have been Keeled Skimmers - another new species for me. A rewarding visit, and the stunning scenery wasn't too bad either!

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Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Great that you got to see a Dark Green Fritillary so soon Michael