Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Attractive Flower & Hawk Update

Sparrowhawk Chick
We were very lucky with the weather today, as just after we'd finished we endured a 15-minute torrential downpour and were stuck in a layby, as the adjacent road became a temporary river. Most of the birds were distant, but those which came closer included: Common Tern, Whitethroat, Swallow, Treecreeper and Pied Wagtails. We also saw a really attractive member of the pea family, which I'd never previously identified. After checking my field guide it seems to be Sainfoin. According to Richard Mabey's Flora Britannica "it was named from the French 'St Foyn' and known as 'Holy-Hay', and a more erect pale-flowered form was introduced as a fodder plant from the continent in the middle of the C17th. This strain is widely naturalised and has in recent years been sown on new road embankments. The show on the banks of the M25 shortly after it was opened was one of the ringway's few uplifting features."

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