Friday, 7 November 2008

Autumn Thursday 6 - North Cave Wetlands

Little Grebe (c) 2008 Jackie Dawson
Another day of appalling dull & drizzly weather, so the Premier Templar site had to be abandoned for the bad weather standby. Good views of the Green Woodpeckers were obtained by Peter in the morning & the whole group in the afternoon. In the morning a Redpoll flew over, whilst there was a rather bereft Siskin flying in circles in the afternoon, and 3 Whooper Swans arrived minutes before we left. However, the highlight was not a bird species, although it was an air bourne creature. At 14.20 something flew swiftly in our direction from the north, and its wings seemed to touch underneath it. As it got closer it was discovered to be a Noctule bat - not in broad daylight, as it was a murky afternoon. Later, there were 2 at the junction between the Snipe & Maize fields. These bats should have been hibernating, so it was not a good sign they were out so early in a November afternoon!

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