Sunday, 30 March 2008

Stone Creek - in early British Summer Time

Grey Partridge
Yellowhammer overload?
Barn Owl
The morning was sunnier than forecast, so breakfast was abandoned for a trip through Cherry Cobb Sands, Keyingham Marsh, Stone Creek & Sunk Island using the car as a hide. I got fairly close to Grey Partridge, Yellowhammers, and a Hare. There were 3 Barn Owls, but only one was near enough for pictures, and again they're disappointing. There were 2 different groups of c.20 Fieldfare: one near Cherry Cobb, and the next at Sunk Island, but they were wary & took flight before I could get close. The Roe Deer were nearer the road at this time in the morning, but pictures taken last week were better. Lots of activity among the Skylarks, which tend to go quiet after lunch, but again not close enough for pictures!

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